Document Management System

SharePoint is the simplest, most cost-effective way to organize, share and collaborate more effectively.Put 4 generations of SharePoint hosting experience to work for you. From our presales contact to our unique on boarding process, from our dedicated migration service to our efficient and helpful support, you’ll always benefit from an outstanding experience—and the most secure and reliable SharePoint environment possible.

SharePoint’s convenient search capabilities make finding documents on any topic easy. A simple query will tell you if the information you’re looking for is already available within your business documentation. It’s not? Write it down, upload it to SharePoint and make it available to all your colleagues.


SharePoint allows you to create folders known as Document Libraries. These can contain any file you wish to upload, such as Word or PDF documents.
SharePoint’s deep integration with Microsoft Office programs allows your team to share and collaborate using tools they are already familiar with. Here are some of the ways you can use Office programs with a SharePoint team site:
⦁ Save documents to document libraries from Office Excel, Office Outlook, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Visio, or Office Word
⦁ Use Microsoft Office Access or Office Excel to view and edit data stored in lists on your team site
⦁ Synchronize your ⦁ Office Outlook calendar and contact lists with your team site
⦁ Share business plans, photos, drawings, documents and much more
⦁ Create a Document Workspace site from Office Word
You’ll always have easy access to important documents wherever you are. The SharePoint document library lets you access important files from any computer with an Internet connection and a compatible Web browser. In addition, team members can easily review documents and projects by using the team site.

Project site:

Whether it’s sales, marketing or accounting, your teams can create a SharePoint site for their various projects, and manage them more easily and efficiently.
SharePoint ensures employees always have accurate and up-to-date information on projects, making it easier for them to share, control, and reuse this information—and make better business decisions.


Using SharePoint to organize documents makes it easy for employees to rapidly find information that would otherwise remain inaccessible on an employee local computer. SharePoint goes well beyond simple document searches, however: Employees can also quickly find users, conversations, announcements and more.


SharePoint provides everything you need to successfully create and manage an intranet website to communicate important internal information such as announcements, HR policies and corporate mission and vision statements. In a nutshell, users can easily access and share ideas, information, conversations, and schedules—around the office or around the world.
SharePoint even enhances communications with clients by serving as a content management system (CMS) for your customer-facing website.SharePoint makes it easy to produce a professional-looking website that will appeal to your customers—plus you can organize and edit content in a jiffy, no programming skills needed.