Access Control and Attendance Systems

Keep track of your workforce, enhance productivity and streamline payroll, as well as manage who enters and leaves your building by installing an Attendance System and Access Control System suit your company. Mi-Technologies can advise you on the latest bio-metric technology that can be employed to accurately record the hours your team members spend on specific tasks. You can also instantly generate helpful reports that will assist you with future business planning.

More about Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems are very versatile systems capable of securing different entry and exit points to particular buildings, or even restricting entry to a storage cupboard. They are essential for any company that wishes to keep track of its employees and know where and when they are entering or exiting a certain location. They provide the administrator with a log of entry and exits based on ID and can restrict entry and exit to particular individuals or groups.

Access Control Systems standalone or PC-based. The former is programmed at each door, while the latter can be programmed remotely. Learn more about our wide range of Access Control Services.

Types of Access Control and Attendance Systems:

  • PIN access – Entrance and user has a pin number to enter or exit a building.
  • Card reader – Entrance and user has a unique card or key fob assigned to them.
  • Biometric scanner – Use various unique biological signatures to access, for example a person’s retina, iris, fingerprint, facial recognition etc.
  • Voice control – Use a voice signature to enable access.

Things to consider:
What purpose will your access control or attendance system serve?
What method will you use for your users to identify themselves? How will they get in?
Do you want them to also use the system to get out?
What is the size of the access system your business needs?
How will people exit swiftly in an emergency?
How will you secure the door?
How will you control the system?
What are the features you are looking for? For example: timing settings, tracking, battery backup, template layouts, badges printing etc.
How will it be installed and integrated?

Integration of systems

The key advantage of the IT Solutions in Mi-Technologies, is the integration of systems. We can help you integrate other systems in your network, or adapt your network to allow you to view cameras when a person walks into a particular room for example.